so according to google drive, I started the last fic on Spetember 1st… and I just published it after almost 3 months…

A lot has been going on in my life and writing is no longer the same solace it used to be. To be honest, I don’t know what is. Of course, I’ll continue to write, and I’ll definitely finish up the remaining requests, but this is just to say that updates might be slow…

I hope you guys understand ^^’

((p.s. requests are always open))


Part I

[VIXX] Ravi        


        Ravi unlocked the door to your apartment and was greeted by darkness and an eerie silence. “Jagi, where are you?”

        “You lied.”

        He turned around in surprise to find your angry figure standing by the sofa. He shut the door and you stepped forward, allowing a dim light to flicker near your face. Your boyfriend flipped a switch and the room was flooded in a white brightness. Ravi turned to face you, and almost stepped back at seeing your tear-stained face. “________….”

        “Every single time, Wonshik. Every single time.”

        Ravi sighed. He knew what was coming; you had had long arguments about this almost every time he came over. “I’m sorry, babe, but-“

        “Forget it.” You turned around and walked away, trying not to have an outburst. After all, why even bother letting him explain? You had heard the sames excuses, over and over.

        “Jagiii…!” Ravi whined “Practice ran late and-“

        “I said forget it. You continued walking into the kitchen, where a covered plate was sitting on the counter. You reached for it and proceeded to shove it into his open hands. Ravi helplessly stood in the center of the kitchen, watching you stomp around, cleaning the already spotless room. You’d had plenty of time to wait while seething.

        It was supposed to be at nine. At least, that’s what your darling boyfriend of two years had promised. You’d dressed up in a brand new dress and experimented with make-up, hoping you didn’t look like a raccoon, and set out the table with its sparkling cutlery and delicious looking food gracing the top.

        A half hour past and you expected him to burst in through the door at any second, apologizing for the lateness. So when that didn’t happen, you began to get restless. An hour went by and still, no sound of pounding footsteps running across the hallway could be heard outside your door.

         Impatient, you called his cell phone only to get his answering machine instead. Now increasingly worried, you called one of his group members, Hakyeon. If anyone knew where your boyfriend was, it was definitely the mother of the group. He picked up after the second ring, his over-cheerful voice resounding on the other end. “_______-ssi!” His voice wasn’t that loud but he did sound kind of loopy to you; he was probably halfway to the world of drunkenness. “Do you want to talk to Ravi…?” So they were all together.

        You heard something sizzling on the line, followed by erupting cheers. Why hadn’t he picked up?

        “No, it’s okay, I just wanted to know where you all are.” Surely Ravi hadn’t forgotten your date… right?

        “Oh, we’re at- yah, Leo-yah, where are we?” You heard a silence on the other end followed by N’s embarrassing cover-up, “Okay~ We’re at some grill downtown, _________! I’m ordering right now~” Someone laughed and you heard a high pitched squeal coupled with the crash of something falling. “Ya, Jaehwan-ah, don’t fight!”

        Ken was whining about something and a husky voice was joyfully laughing at him- Ravi.


A/N: For the anon who requested angst with Ravi- I hope you liked it! If not, let me know and I’ll be sure to write you a new one ouo But anyways, this is part one because I ended up writing way too much for one page ^^’

Anonymous asked:

Hi anon~ omg really?? You seriously think so??? haha I think I might but I’m still not entirely sure ouo

… because it might take me some time to get to it….

But thank you! ♥♥


Part 1

[Infinite] Myungsoo

The sound of the lunch bell. Shuffling feet led the way into the large dining hall of the university you’d been attending for the past year. And that year had been enough for you to stir up trouble. Well, enmity, at least. Excited, hushed whispers followed you on the way to the lunch line, the curious eyes of passersby trailing along, watching not only you, but the lean figure behind. Barely keeping his respectable distance was a dark haired, well built young man. He closely followed, much to your annoyance, as if he knew exactly what would irritate you. Reaching the front of the lunch counter you irritably stabbed your fork in the direction of the the items you wanted on your plate, while he watched you in silent amusement, taking in what seemed to be a once in a lifetime chance to see the “Ice Queen’s” demeanor melt.

You quickly grabbed your tray from the hands of the slightly miffed cook and scoured the room for a table as far away as possible from your unwelcome follower. Much to your chagrin, he crashed your hopes, small as it was, that you would be left in peace.

They called him Kim Myungsoo. Singer, actor, dancer- none of which had helped his ego lessen. His position as vocalist of a band called Infinite only increased his popularity and within a few weeks, he was somehow being hailed as the most eligible man on campus. Admired by women and men alike, no matter what their age, Myungsoo made sure it was a fact no one forgot. And it had stood the test of time, until you had arrived.

Completely oblivious to the invisible hierarchy in place, and entirely immune to all of his charms, there was no doubt he was annoyed. For the first time in a long while, he would actually have to make a real effort if he wanted to get your attention. Trying to gain the notice of a girl rightfully nicknamed the Ice Queen was hard enough as it was, but with curious eyes following him wherever he went, talking to you was almost impossible.

Which led him to sit at your table, much to your exasperation. Stabbing your food with your fork hadn’t gotten across the idea that he wasn’t welcome. Myungsoo leaned over the table, lightly crinkling his eyebrows and doing that famous stare of his, the stare that brought down the hearts of so many fangirls and, the same one, which barely had any effect on you. His eyes reminded you of an eagle ready to swoop down and snatch its prey; after all, the way he acted with other girls wasn’t any different.

Why were you so nonchalant towards him? It wasn’t supposed to be this way. What were you thinking, going as far as pretending he didn’t exist? You had previously considered ignoring him, which wasn’t easy considering his penetrating stare which practically disarmed all of you, and the shocked, gaping faces that surrounded you, watching your every move. You sighed, putting down your spoon. So much for a peaceful year.

"What do you want?"

Myungsoo blinked in surprise. That was the third sentence you had ever spoken to him. First when you had just transferred and got lost and second when you thanked him for helping you find your way back. “Nothing much. Why? Can’t I sit here?”

You looked away, frustrated. He knew exactly what you were talking about; the entire school did. The fact that their hero was talking to a lowly human being had not gone unnoticed by his followers. The whispers floating around the room dimmed down to an eerie silence, onlookers holding their breath to see who would respond first.

Myungsoo looked around, finally aware of the tension in the air, and stood up, his chair scraping the ground and leaving behind a hollow echo. Finally, he was leaving. But it seemed that he wasn’t quite ready to leave you alone today; he lightly shrugged towards the door and you understood. It wasn’t over yet. You had no choice- the death glares of the higher reigning female students paired up with the blatant comments by the males; there was no way you could escape so easily. So you got up and pushed your chair back in, picking up your tray and disposing your half uneaten lunch on the way out as you followed him. You walked through the exit and immediately turned to face him, unwilling to spend more time than necessary with this conniving prince.

"Why do you hate me?" Well, he was certainly prompt in getting straight to the point.

"I don’t. Can I go now?" You proceeded to turn around, but your path was quickly barred by his body. You stepped back to avoid walking into him, a look of frustration on your face.

"Not so fast. Talk.”

Where did he expect you to start? The way he always played around with girls, never twice with the same one? Or how he acted pompous and did whatever he liked? How he thought that every girl was the same and would fall for him? There was no way he had missed the looks of disgust you’d given him every time you heard his plans with a new girl. Or the way you ignored him every time he tried to talked to you.

Myungsoo wasn’t listening. from the moment you’d started talking, he had resumed staring. Your hair was the perfect color and your eyes weren’t any exception. The way your bangs lightly graced your left eye and the way that one strand of hair never seemed to do what you liked. So when you got angry you mostly looked at the ground. And got red in the face. Was that a silent blush creeping across? Did you always clench your hands together if you were nervous?

"Hey, are you listening?" Myungsoo snapped back into reality, your annoyed face staring back at him. "I’ve never liked you, Myungsoo, so don’t think I ever will." You turned around and irritably walked away, leaving him as confused as ever, but stopped before you got a few feet ahead. "Oh, and by the way, don’t bother talking to me again.”

You rounded the corner and Myungsoo watched your retreating back with a certain satisfaction. In his mind, the fact that you had actually spoken more than a few words to him, no matter how angry, was a thing to be celebrated. Completely oblivious to the resentment he’d just faced, and slightly regretful that he hadn’t been paying attention to what you said, Myungsoo began walking in the opposite direction, his mind already thinking up new ways to get your attention.

Things were definitely going to get interesting.


So yeah, that was part 1 for Myungsoo… Not entirely sure where I want to go with this though… I didn’t really have a writing plan like I normally do >< So as of right now, there will probably be a part 2 soon, unless something changes ^^

Next up will probably be a Ravi scenario, because I’ve really, really want to write for VIXX lately~

The Myungsoo scenario ((for “anon’s” birthday)) will be up soon~ Sorry about the delay but I still don’t have my laptop back so I’m doing it from my iPad and IT’S HARD TO TYPE.
I’m not 100% satisfied with this tbh… So I made this part one.
So lets just see where this goes~! ^^

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if you still are accepting requests... I am DYING for some Taekwoon LOL some weird situation but still fluffy? :b

Hi anon~
Of course- requests are always open! ^^
….. After everything Jung Taekwoon has already been through with the others becoming girls, I don’t think things could get any weirder O3O
But still, I’ll try my best~!

Anonymous asked:
Hi! im the one who requested for the boys over flowers scenario with kim myungsoo! my birthday is on the 16th of this month! :D sorry you have to go through all the trouble of having to watch it again for my scenario....

Hi hi~ Ohhh okay, that gives me time! And noooo, don’t worry!! >< It gives me a chance to watch what I should have actually watched the first time haha So don’t worry! ^^ And thanks for telling me ahead of time~ ♥

Anonymous asked:
have you seen boys over flowers? can i request a myungsoo scenario where our relationship is like kim bum and that girl? you know where he is a playboy and i meet him and i say i dont like guys like him and soon he realizes that he likes me and i realize too. can you make it long for me? that would be awesome! because its my birthday soon so im hoping... :D by the way loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your scenarios. please keep going your talented. sorry if its long. oxox

Hi, anon~
….okay, I started to watch it, but I GOT IMPATIENT SO I SKIPPED TO THE END AND WATCHED THE LAST EPISODE ;; but I can do a marathon for it and get to know that character ouo And sure I wouldn’t mind making it long~ Happy early birthday!! When’s the exact date? ^^ Awwww….! Thank you so much! ;A; you’re so sweet omg ;; And nope, I love getting long messages, so it’s okay! ^^

Anonymous asked:
I would like to make a request of Dongwoo Infinite, where his mom sets him up on a blind date (one of her friends daughters) You both really like each other & become boyfriend/girlfriend, & the moms are so happy start talking about wedding & grandkids. Thank you & cant wait to read more great scenarios from your blog!

Dongwoo asdfghjkl ;A;
Sure~ this sounds interesting! ^^
thank you anon! Omg you’re so sweet okay I can’t even-